The Khepri

Definition: The name given to the Dracoliches that rule the Realms. These are the same ones who killed the Gods. They have built Pyramids in the center of their Realms and live within.

~The Traveler’s Guide, Page 2

Khepri Kissa is the Youngest of the three Khepri. She was a Green Dragon in life and became a dracolich along with her comrades when the Gods put forth their decree. She is the most ruthless of her brethren and has gained a taste for mage flesh, despite not needing to eat.

Khepri Mbizi is the Oldest of his brethren and was a Blue Dragon in life. He was the one who organized the ritual that turned the Khepri into Dracoliches. He has begun to go insane from the horror of his actions and has taken to capturing strage, mystical creatures and torturing them into becoming his slaves.

Khepri Moswen is the Balance and was a Bronze Dragon in life. A skilled craftsmen, he created the phylacteries used in their ritual. He is seen as the most fair of his kind and his Realm is infinitely more modern than the other two. He does, however, use Mages and Sorcerers as batteries to power his cities and his Pyramid.

The Khepri

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